St. Patrick’s Day



Grasshopper Sundae


Gallic Necklace

Claddagh Earrings:

Claddagh Ring


Surprise in My Shoes

I hope everyone had a fun St. Pat’s! In case you couldn’t tell from my super pale skin and slight red tint to my hair I am Irish! I love to celebrate this holiday and embrace my culture, even if it makes it seem like all my people do is drink green beer!  I actually came home for the weekend because some of my friends/ boyfriend were back in town. Usually my mom makes corn beef and cabbage with soda bread. However, this year she was sick, so I took over the duties. I made Martha Stewart’s potato-leek Soup from her book Great Food Fast. I also made vegan apple mash and vegan soda bread (I am a quasi vegetarian and occasional vegan). For dessert we had grasshopper sundaes.  I also posted pictures of the surprise the leprechauns left in my running shoes this morning and my outfit for today. Of course I had to wear some green and I also incorporated some Irish- inspired jewelry. Shirt: American Apparel, undershirt: Abercrombie & Fitch Sweater: Nordstrom’s BP, skirt from Spain, necklace, earrings, and ring all from my grandma, Shoes: Torry Burch (Similar).



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