DIY: Ombre Tights

The Ombre trend is everywhere these days- from hair to shirts ombre is making a comeback. A fun way to embrace the trend, if you don’t want to make the more committed change to your locks or spend money on an expensive blouse, is to dye tights in a gradient, ombre style. I tried ombre tights this weekend. I used purple (one of my favorite colors to wear) and petal pink (for a springtime pastel look) dye.

To start, grab some white tights and some dye. I like using  the RIT band of dye.

Soak your tights in warm water to make them more absorbent. Then follow the instructions on the dye package. When dying the tights, only dunk the top part in for a little while, then gradually pull the tights out of the dye bath. Be sure you keep the ankles and feet in for the longest time to obtain optimal color and effect. It helps to use the timer on your phone.

Then hang your tights to dry. Just by hanging them some dye will fall into the bottom of the tights, increasing the ombre look.

To protect the tub, I put ziplock bags on the toes of the tights to catch any leaking dye. I also placed newspaper in the tub to absorb any escaped dye.

Once the tights have dried, rinse them in warm water until the water runs clear. This will ensure that no color comes off while you’re wearing the tights or in the wash.

Overall, I would say that this project took some time and was a little tedious, but pretty easy to complete. After seeing the finished product I wish I had dyed my tights just a little bit darker because the colors got a little washed out at the tights stretched.

What do you think? How will you embrace the ombre trend? Leave a comment bellow!



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2 thoughts on “DIY: Ombre Tights

  1. Nicole says:

    Super cute! I will have to try this.
    Also, I meant to post this before on the maxi skirt article, but do you think similar rules apply to maxi dresses (or are those no longer acceptable to wear)?

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