(Photo from Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Today I thought I would do Love-Its blog edition. To just talk about the other blogs that I really like.

My two all-time favorite blogs are Lauren Conrad‘s and Cupcakes and Cashmere. I like Lauren Conrad’s because she covers all the trends, tells you how to wear them, and where you can buy them. She also covers beauty and recipes and provides lots of how-to’s. I Like Cupcakes and Cashmere’s blog because her photos are beautifully staged and she makes style so effortless.

I also like J’s Everyday Fashion because she shows how everyday people can wear the latest trends in an affordable manner. I like Oh So Glam for similar reasons.

Katie’s Bliss is another blog that I frequent at. I love the spunk that she brings to every post. She also has a cool Youtube channel.

There are tons more blogs I love, but I don’t want to bore you by listing them all! Others that I visit a lot are Caleb Dorfman Photography, Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow, The Blonde Salad, Mac n Chic, Solipsismdreams, and M Loves M

If you’re new to checking out blogs I would recommend going on Blog Lovin’ where they have tons of blogs and give recommendations!

Which blogs do you read? Leave a comment below!



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