Beauty Review: Goody QuickStyle Paddle Brush

I recently tried Goody’s new QuickStyle Paddle Brush. The brush has towel-like pieces that absorb water as you brush your hair. It also has a hallow back with holes for the water to easy leave the brush. It takes me forever to blow dry my hair so I loved the idea that it would make my styling time faster in the morning!

At first, the brush seemed to do nothing. My hair seemed just as damp as it was before I brushed it. However, as my hair dried I noticed it wad definitely going faster than usual. The product is helpful for styling thicker hair if you’re in a rush in the morning. I also noticed that my hair was less frizzy than normal. However, it isn’t a miracle. It still takes time to blow out my hair.

I would say that I like the product, but don’t love it. It is helpful and I would recommend it to those looking to cut back their blow dry time. However, it isn’t a Godsend. I would give the product an eight out of 10.

The brush is available at Walmart and Target.



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