Chicken Parmesan

I recently got back to my Italian roots and made some chicken parmesan for my family. I used the recipe from Everyday Food: Great Food Made Fast from The Kitchens of Martha Stewart. It went well, I love how the zest of the red sauce combines with the cheese. I just used some jarred sauce for my dish, but for an extra challenge you can substitute that for the homemade variety. In the recipe you fry the chicken in olive oil, but it says that it does not need to be fully cooked thrugh because you’ll broil it later. When I do the recipe again I will follow this, but I will bake the chicken instead of broiling it. If you wanted to still use the broiler, I recommend that you cook the chicken fully in t he pan before moving to the broiler. Also, when you put the chicken into the oven be sure to cover it in foil and put some toothpicks (without the plastic toppers on them) into the chicken to keep the foil from getting stuck to the cheese.  I paired my dish with some mixed greens with a vinaigrette dressing. Sit down at the table, put down the cell phone, light some candles, have a good conversation, and enjoy your meal!



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