How-to: Crystal Wrap Bracelets

I made these bracelets while watching a movie with my family over spring break. They are super easy to make and look really cool! I used a strand of rhinestones for most of the bracelets and a strand of metal beads on another one.

What you’ll need:


1/4 in hex nut

44 inches of leather cord

12 inches of rhinestones or brass ball chain

58 inches of colored cord. Some places recommend waxed linen cord, but I couldn’t find that at Micheal’s. I used plain cotton cord for most of my bracelets and a sturdier cord for some others.

Step 1: fold your leather cord in half so that it’s doubled

Step 2: Grab your colored cord and wrap it down and back up the top of the leather cord a few times. This will make sure that the bracelet does not come undone.

Step 3: Line up the rhinestone cord with the end of the top wrap section. Make sure you make it as close to the end of the wrapped colored cord as possible. You also want to have the crystal kind of over the leather cord.

Step 4: While holding the crystal in place so that it falls on top of the folded leather cord, start to wrap the bracelet. Take the colored cord and wrap it between the groves of the crystal chain and around the leather cord. Make sure that you wrap it tightly so that the bracelet won’t come undone. Constantly pull on the colored cord to make sure it is taut before wrapping it. It also help to adjust the rhinestones as you go to make sure that they are staying even along the leather cord.

Step 5: Continue with wrapping the bracelet until you get to 1 inch above end of the cords or you measure it to be almost the length of your wrist.

Step 6: Cut any left over rhinestones.

Step 7: With your rhinestone cord cut, wrap the colored cord down and up the leather cord a few times like you did in step 2.

Step 8: Tread your hex nut into the colored and leather cord and tie at the end.

Step 9: To wear your bracelet, push the hex nut through the loop that you made with the leather cord at the top of your bracelet.

Step 10: Wear your bracelet proudly! Stack them together or wear them on their own to make a fun statement to any outfit!

Other helpful links: Honestly WTF DIY Wrap Bracelet and Katie’s Bliss



Beauty Review: Goody QuickStyle Paddle Brush

I recently tried Goody’s new QuickStyle Paddle Brush. The brush has towel-like pieces that absorb water as you brush your hair. It also has a hallow back with holes for the water to easy leave the brush. It takes me forever to blow dry my hair so I loved the idea that it would make my styling time faster in the morning!

At first, the brush seemed to do nothing. My hair seemed just as damp as it was before I brushed it. However, as my hair dried I noticed it wad definitely going faster than usual. The product is helpful for styling thicker hair if you’re in a rush in the morning. I also noticed that my hair was less frizzy than normal. However, it isn’t a miracle. It still takes time to blow out my hair.

I would say that I like the product, but don’t love it. It is helpful and I would recommend it to those looking to cut back their blow dry time. However, it isn’t a Godsend. I would give the product an eight out of 10.

The brush is available at Walmart and Target.




(Photo from Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Today I thought I would do Love-Its blog edition. To just talk about the other blogs that I really like.

My two all-time favorite blogs are Lauren Conrad‘s and Cupcakes and Cashmere. I like Lauren Conrad’s because she covers all the trends, tells you how to wear them, and where you can buy them. She also covers beauty and recipes and provides lots of how-to’s. I Like Cupcakes and Cashmere’s blog because her photos are beautifully staged and she makes style so effortless.

I also like J’s Everyday Fashion because she shows how everyday people can wear the latest trends in an affordable manner. I like Oh So Glam for similar reasons.

Katie’s Bliss is another blog that I frequent at. I love the spunk that she brings to every post. She also has a cool Youtube channel.

There are tons more blogs I love, but I don’t want to bore you by listing them all! Others that I visit a lot are Caleb Dorfman Photography, Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow, The Blonde Salad, Mac n Chic, Solipsismdreams, and M Loves M

If you’re new to checking out blogs I would recommend going on Blog Lovin’ where they have tons of blogs and give recommendations!

Which blogs do you read? Leave a comment below!



Easter Best

I love holidays, especially decorating and dressing up for them! Some people may find my traditions silly, but I think it’s nice to make things special. This weekend I’ll go home to celebrate Easter. My family and I will probably dye eggs and look for baskets. The day will end with a family dinner with my local aunts and uncles. Dressing for Easter is fun because you get to use the most delicate of spring trends in a formal way. For this Easter I will be wearing the above dress. I love how it has floral in a sort of water color pattern. For Easter I also like to wear super girly nature inspired jewelry.


Dress: Free People

Ring: Boutique in Hawaii

Earrings: Francesca’s

Minty Ways

As you may know from my blog post power play, I am loving the mint trend this spring! In this post I chose to wear a mint sweater three different ways. One way to wear it is with army green, another with fun, bright colors, like pink, and lastly with navy blue.

Which do you prefer? Leave a comment!




Sweater: B.P. Similar

White shirt: Eighty-Sixty

Shorts: Gap

Pink Skirt: Roberta Roller Rabbit

Navy Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Safari Chic

I am loving the safari-wear trend right now. This is being seen in many ways through the use of animal prints, tan, trekking-inspired jackets, African jewelry, box necklines, bright colors, and woven accessories such as shoes and handbags. In this outfit I used a blue outwear jacket, a tan belt, bracelets, and woven shoes to create a safari inspired look. For my dress I chose something of simple shape, with a box neck, to evoke a feeling of simplicity and ease in the outfit. I also like how the orange stripes keep the outfit modern and give it some color.



Dress: J. Crew

Jacket: BB Dakota

Bracelets: Made by friends in Kenya, check out their art here

Shoes: Kate Spade