Dress to Pin

Hello Loyal Readers! Sorry that I have been so bad about posting recently! I’ve gotten really busy with school and some personal things, but I promise to be a better! Today I want to talk about how to “Dress to Pin.” If you are in a sorority, or are thinking of joining one next year this is a must. Dress to Pin refers to the attire appropriate for formal meetings at sororities (most sororities have one once a week). Each sorority has different rules regarding Dress to Pin, at my sorority the rules are: No pants unless they are slacks (So no jeans, sweats, or yoga pants), no Uggs, no leggings, skirts/ dresses must be appropriate length, no bare shoulders, no sandals, and appropriately cut tops. All of these rules can be hard to keep track of, plus they make it hard to look cute and not look like a grandma. Here are some looks that I think are both appropriate and still feminine and cute:


Forever 21

Free People


J. Crew

Rachel Roy

Pim + Larkin


Anthropologie (Would need a sweater)



Gap (Sweater Needed)



Giuseppe Zanotti



Steve Madden

Here are some of the Dress to Pin looks I have worn:

Sweater: Splendid Top: Boutique in Hawaii Skirt: Boutique in Santa Barbara

Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs Sweater: Brooks Brothers Skirt: Anthropologie Flats: Frye

Sweater: Banana Republic Top: Eight Sixty Skirt: Anthropologie



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