Last month, much later than the rest of my collegiate friends, I had my first day of school. As a child I remember always bringing my teacher an apple on the first day and having my parents walk me to class. As I got older, I prepared for my first day by spending hours with my friends creating the perfect outfit and talking about seeing the other kids after a summer away. However, now that I’m in college I find the first day of school to be a little anti-climactic. My mom is not there to make me a special breakfast, I sit in lectures of 300 students so I will never interact with my professor, let alone bring them an apple, and in a class of 5,000 I don’t have to think about running into people I don’t want to see. But I am a traditionalist, and I like to still keep some things special about my first day of classes. This year I wanted my outfit to resemble classic school uniforms. I wore a thick, cable knit dress with a bow headband, ballet flats and, of course, a backpack.




Dress: Anthropologie (Last seen here), Headband: Anthropologie, Shoes: Juicy Couture, Backpack: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Necklace: Monogram from BaubleBar

Photos by: Caleb Dorfman

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