What I Wore Christmas Eve

IMG_2187Every year my family and I throw a large party Christmas Eve. The event is always loads of fun and enjoyed by all, it’s the perfect build up to Christmas Morning! I love picking out my dress for the event. When I saw this dress online at Anthropologie, I knew I had to have it. I was constantly showing my friends the dress and neurotically checking to see if it was still in stock. Finally when I came home for break, I sat down and ordered the dress. The sparkles make it a terrific party dress and the lace brings some elegance. I loved wearing it and will probably be recycling it for another event soon!

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Wishing you and your families an excellent new year!


IMG_1993Dressing for the colder winter months can be a challenge. Even though I live in California, I get my fair share of colder temperatures and I find it hard to stay warm while not looking bulky or abandoning my favorite skirts and dresses. For this reason, I love tailored, cropped jackets like the one in this post. It is quilted, so super warm and the cinching at the waist keeps me from looking shapeless. The jacket works perfectly over a cozzy sweater paired with a printed skirt and knitted tights! How do you keep warm for winter?

IMG_1997 IMG_2013

IMG_1996 IMG_2002 IMG_2005IMG_2009


Jacket: Anthropologie (Similar) Sweater: J. Crew (Similar) Skirt: Free People Shoes: London Sole (Last seen here) Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag: Longchamp

Thanks to by talented friend Alexis for taking these photos! Check out her other work by clicking here.



In the fading days of fall, I have tried to wear my favorite pieces as much as possible. Summer is actually my favorite season for dressing (I love bright colors and nautical stripes!), but fall is a close second. In my fall wardrobe, I find that I have many key pieces that I can really only work into this specific season — burnt orange dresses, brown cords, a well-loved pair of riding boots and this skirt are some favorites. When I saw this skirt online at Anthropologie I instantly fell in love and it has been so fun to wear it. The skirt is incredibly well made and everything from the unique pattern, to the silk lining makes me love it… it’s not only that I adore the look of the skirt, but I also adore the act of wearing it. When I put on this piece it feels incredibly fun and I definitely have treasured the moments spent in this item. Does that sound really crazy, to love a skirt so much? I guess it just proves that I’m a true Fashionista and that putting on one skirt can completely change my outlook. I will undeniably miss having this piece in my clothing rotations until September rolls around again.026-1 150-1 008-1 127-1

Top: J. Crew (Last seen here) Skirt: Anthropologie Shoes: London Sole

Thanks so much to my beautiful and talented friend Connie for taking these blog photos! See her other work on the blog by clicking here!

To the Maroon and Back

IMG_7585Rich jewel tones like maroon are my favorites to wear this time of year! I have been loving the pairing of this plaid top with a dressier skirt. A simple pair of flats and a clutch with a bow (of course) are perfect understated accessories to this outfit. I will definitely continue to wear this dark colored, vampy outfit into the cooler months. What are you looking forward to wearing this winter?

IMG_7625 IMG_7593IMG_7610IMG_7630 IMG_7634 IMG_7642IMG_7583

Photos by Caleb Dorfman Photography

Shirt: H&M (Similar)Skirt: H&M Purse: La Regale (Similar) Shoes: Calvin Klein (Similar)

Skirting Fall

158-1This skirt has been one of my favorite additions to my fall wardrobe. The colors and pattern just scream quintessential fall. The beading and busy pattern make the skirt more eye-catching and make it a perfect piece to pair with a plain top. On schooldays I have been wearing this skirt with my favorite chambray shirt, but I have also worn it with a white blouse on days where I want to look a little more formal.  210-1 196-1 203-1Shirt: J. Crew (Last seen here) Skirt: Anthropologie Necklace: Lou Lou (Last seen here) Shoes: Coach (Last seen here)

A very special thank you to by good friend Connie for taking these pictures with me! Look for more of her work on the blog coming soon!