TwoYearBirthdayMy blog officially turns two years old today! It’s crazy to think that so much has happened and changed in such a small amount of time. I started The Bow Ho my freshmen year of college when I was feeling kind of lonely. It wasn’t until my second year at college that I really found my place, so the blog was a great creative outlet to have during a difficult time in my life. When I started it, I was so scared of being judged and critiqued for it. I had no idea where the blog would lead me. Through my two years as a blogger, I have undeniably grown. I think having the blog has helped me to strengthen my voice as a writer and define my personal style as a Fashionista. The blog has lead to some amazing opportunities and inspired my next step after graduating college. It was through having this blog that I discovered my dream to be a fashion and lifestyle writer for my career.

A special shout out and thanks to all my readers! Having your support means so much and continues to inspire my work on the blog. A special thanks to my mom who is my most loyal reader and to all of my friends who have suggested outfits, given compliments, taken dorky photos of me and helped out along the way.

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