It Never Rains in California…



It seems that all the skies have done this winter is open up. However, given California’s recent threat of severe drought, it seems hard to complain about the extra water. In these damp times, I have been trying to ignore the ridiculous amount of frizzing my hair does in the rain and instead have been focusing on the benefits the rain has brought to the Earth. An unexpected benefit of this rain has been some added creativity in my style. I have never been a huge fan of wearing pants anywhere besides my home or the gym, but the rainy weather has made them a wardrobe necessity! I recently discovered the jegging line from Gap and have loved wearing them! These pants not only keep me warm and covered from the winter weather, but they are also INCREDIBLY comfortable! I seriously never thought I would say that about a pair of jeans because I am such a pant hater, but the comfortable, moveable fabric on these have really changed my opinion.

For a recent rainy trip into the Legion of Honor I paired my Gap denim with my tried-and-true pair of L.L. Bean boots. For some warmth I wore a Madewell flannel. I am a really big fan of this peasant style blouse because it has the comfort and classic pattern of a typical flannel, but has a cinching detail and a loose slowing structure which offers a more feminine look. Wearing a flowy top with a tight leg jean is a perfect combination and one I will be holding to until the sun comes out again.

Shirt: Madewell Jeans: Gap Shoes: L.L.Bean Earrings: Juicy Couture (Similar) Bag: Coach (Similar) Belt: Ralph Lauren (Similar)

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