Lo’s Loves

Hello dear readers! This week I am starting a new series that I hope to publish each Friday summing up some of my favorite things from the week.


This week has been a mixed one, as the Bay Area is still recovering from the North Bay wildfires. My heart hurts so much thinking about the neighboring counties that have been affected by this disaster. My college roommate actually lost her home, and while I am very thankful that she is safe, it makes me so incredibly sad to think about what she’s going through. Of course, there are silver linings to almost every tragedy. Seeing how eager people are to lend a helping hand warmed my heart and it just proves how capable we can be of compassion. So many states came to our aid when we needed hope the most. My grandmother sent my family of four a giant box of respirators to help us breathe during the severe fire smoke (we have had to stay inside most days because of the smoke). Someone in my hometown even hung up a banner across a freeway overpass thanking the firefighters for keeping us safe. All of these actions bring a smile to my face and restores my hope for better days ahead.

Here are a few of the things that I have been loving this week.

  1. Fall doorsteps:  I have seen so many cute festive displays both online and in person this week. It feels like October is finally in full swing and I love seeing different takes on the pumpkin trend.
  2. North Bay Fire Relief: The outpouring of support for this community has been so amazing. If you want to help out you can donate to the Red Cross, and if you’re local you can sign up to volunteer.
  3. This J.Crew Skirt: J.Crew has seriously had so many cute things this fall, and I can’t get over this cute wool ruffle skirt. The gray one is definitely on my wishlist!
  4. The Dallas Arboretum: I have seen quite a few people on Instagram posting photos at the Dallas Arboretum and they seem so perfectly autumnal! I love their Halloween displays and I am seriously wishing I lived closer so I could go!
  5. Halloween Bark: I made this Martha Stewart recipe a few years ago and it was soooo good! I am having some friends over Sunday for some mulled wine and pumpkin carving, and I think I might just have to make the recipe for them.

Have a great weekend!


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