Lo’s Loves

Happy Friday!

This week has been a pretty mellow one. I spent most of my time working on projects at home and continuing my ever-productive search for a job 🙂 This weekend I will be back in my college town for some Halloween festivities which should be a fun time and a nice change of pace from the little rut I have been in.

Lo's Loves October 27th

Roasted pumpkin seeds I made after a carving party with friends

Here are some things I have been loving this week:

  1. Engagement Photo Bomb: I saw this on Buzzfeed and thought it was so cute, I just had to share it! How sweet is this hippo who dropped into an engagement photo?
  2. J.Crew Factory Skirt: I am SO in love with this skirt! How perfect would it be for upcoming holiday parties?!
  3. Draper James X Jack Rodgers Flats: I have had a crush on Draper James for quite a while now, although I have yet to actually buy anything from them. I think these flats are so cute and easy to throw on and wear about town, they may just have to be my first Draper James purchase 🙂
  4. My favorite fall Scent: I love this candle from Bath and Bodyworks for the fall. Everyone who would come into my apartment last year when I was burning it would always comment on how good it smelled. It still feels a little too warm to be breaking out the fall scents just yet, but I am looking forward to using this once it cools off a little more!
  5. Neiman Marcus Christmas Book: The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book arrived at our house this week, and while it felt a little early to be thinking about Christmas gifts, I always love to look through the book. They have a list of luxury gift experiences that you can purchase including a 300 person party right in Times Square during New Year’s Eve. It’s so fun to flip through the glossy pages and dream about buying something extravagant like that!

Have a fun and festive Hallo-Weekend!

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