Beauty Review: Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

Benefit Cosmetics recently released a new set of lip glosses inspired by their most popular boxed blushes and bronzers. I tried the lip gloss in the color Bella Bamba and absolutely loved it! The gloss proves true to it’s name as “ultra plush” and is smooth on the lips. Free of any stickiness, this lip gloss is fun and easy to wear. The color Bella Bamba is a bright coral, perfect for summer. Although it comes out of the tube rather pigmented, it provides a simple, sheer look on lips. The packaging comes in a squeezable tube which makes application easy and fuss free. I would definitely recommend these lip glosses, I plan to try out more colors soon!




(Here’s what it looks like on)

Beauty Review: Almay Oil-Free Liquid Makeup Remover

ALMAY Oil-Free Liquid Makeup Remover

To be honest, I was expecting a lot more from the “#1 makeup remover brand in America.” I tried out this product because I love Almay’s Oil-Free Makeup Eraser Sticks. I find them to be perfect for on-the-go cleanup, they are especially useful during the hot summer months when some eye makeup just doesn’t hold. However, I found the liquid version of this product to be a disappointment.

Although it is oil-free, I have often found an oily residue left on my eye area. It makes my eyes feel greasy and unclean. Another issue is that it burns badly if it comes into contact with your eye area. A product designed for eye area use should NOT have this effect! Sometimes while correcting an eyeliner mistake along my waterline my eyes would start to burn so badly from this product that I would have to flush them out with water. This resulted in losing most of the eye makeup I had already applied and making me start over.

The number one issue with this product would be that it does not remove makeup well! It is impossible to get waterproof off and challenging to remove even non-waterproof products. This makeup remover simply does not cut it and I would caution anyone from buying it.

Product: Almay Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Price Point: Cheap

availability: Drug stores

Rating: Don’t buy

Review: Oily, stings eyes, and does not remove makeup well




I use Yes to Cucumbers before washing my face to remove my face makeup — let me know if you want a review! I think I will be trying the Sonia Keshuk brand or the MAC Cleanse Off Oil as replacements to the reviewed product. Leave a comment bellow and tell me what makeup removers have worked for you!

Beauty Review: Bliss Fabulous Every Day Eye Cream

I have used an eye cream for years now. Although I am far away from wrinkles, I think it’s good to take preventive measures. Everyone has a product that they have just never found the perfect fit for- and for me that’s an eye cream. While I used to love Benefit’s I wanted to find a more natural product free of parabens. Bliss‘ eye cream does not have any parabens and is also free of other harmful ingredients. It is a true “every day” product. It is light and non-greasy on delicate eye skin and provides great moisture. For an eye cream it is on the lighter side, so if you are looking for a thicker eye cream this isn’t for you. This product does a good job at meeting most of my skin needs. It is a natural product and hydrates well without leaving a greasy residue. However, it does not do much for the dark circles under my eyes. Overall I like this product, but I’m still on the hunt for my perfect eye cream.



Beauty Review: Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration

I recently tried the Boscia Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15. I have combination normal-oily skin and found this moisturizer to be way to drying. It made my skin flaky and tight after I washed it. The moisturizer did not leave my skin feeling smooth and refreshed like a good moisturizer should. I got this product for free from Sephora and I definitely would not buy another one. On the product gets pretty good reviews, so maybe it just does not work for my skin. The product is natural and does not have any parabens, which I value in skincare.  If you have normal to oily or oily skin I would definitely not recommend this product!



Beauty Review: Goody QuickStyle Paddle Brush

I recently tried Goody’s new QuickStyle Paddle Brush. The brush has towel-like pieces that absorb water as you brush your hair. It also has a hallow back with holes for the water to easy leave the brush. It takes me forever to blow dry my hair so I loved the idea that it would make my styling time faster in the morning!

At first, the brush seemed to do nothing. My hair seemed just as damp as it was before I brushed it. However, as my hair dried I noticed it wad definitely going faster than usual. The product is helpful for styling thicker hair if you’re in a rush in the morning. I also noticed that my hair was less frizzy than normal. However, it isn’t a miracle. It still takes time to blow out my hair.

I would say that I like the product, but don’t love it. It is helpful and I would recommend it to those looking to cut back their blow dry time. However, it isn’t a Godsend. I would give the product an eight out of 10.

The brush is available at Walmart and Target.