Fall Pumpkin Craft


Halloween may have come and gone, but there are still plenty of opportunities to create a festive fall craft with pumpkins. This year I decorated a small fake pumpkin with colorful fall leafs. Since we don’t get a lot of fall colors here in California, I thought it was a nice way to bring the fall colors into my home.

Here is what you will need for this craft:

  1. A plastic pumpkin (I bought one that was already painted cream, but you could also do this with a fake orange pumpkin and then paint it yourself)
  2. Tissue paper with you choice of fall colors (I chose red, green and gold)
  3. Scissors
  4. Mod Podge and an applicator (I used a crafting sponge)

Optional additions:

  1. Gold paint and a paintbrush
  2. Gold lettering


  1. Take your tissue paper and cut out the shapes of leafs: This step was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be! Cutting out thin tissue paper into exact shapes is not easy! I created the leaf shapes by first pulling up images on my iPad and then using a pencil to trace them onto the tissue paper before cutting. Since I am not the handiest with scissors, it helped to already have a guide on the paper.
  2. Once you have all your leafs cut, apply a layer of mod podge and assemble them onto the pumpkin once the glue starts to feel a little tacky.
  3. Then set the tissue paper to the pumpkin with an additional layer of mod podge.

Optional steps:

  1. I decided to cover the brown stem of my pumpkin with some gold paint. This made gave my pumpkin a little bit of a glam look.
  2. What really brought my pumpkin together was the gold lettering. I just did this by adding some gold stickers from Michael’s. I used more Mod Podge to make sure they really held to the curved surface of the pumpkin. Another option is to paint on the lettering or to cut out letters from paper and Mod Podge them on. You can have your pumpkin say anything. I think a cute option would be to write “Thankful” and then use the pumpkin as some Thanksgiving decor.

What have some of your favorite fall crafts been?

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone Halloween Costume


Hello Readers!

I wanted to share with you my Halloween costume this year: a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone! It was a little bit of a random decision, but I’m happy with how it turned out. It was inspired by this blog post and I found it pretty easy to copy adding my own flair with the mint color. I spent no money on this costume, wearing things that I already had in the house which is always a plus!

Here is a quick tutorial of how to copy this costume:

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Mint dress
  2. Brown paper
  3. Tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Brown pencil and ruler (optional)

I started with the mint chocolate chip dress. For this I just wore a simple mint J.Crew Factory dress from a few years ago. I then cut out some chocolate chips out of construction paper and taped them to the dress. You could also use fabric glue or even hot glue the chips to your dress, I just taped mine since I wanted to wear this dress again for regular occasions.

Next, I made my cone crown. I cut a large triangle out of brown wrapping paper and then added some pieces from a paper bag to the back to add some structure to the cone. I then drew on some criss-cross lines onto the paper to make it look more like an ice cream cone. I used a ruler to try to keep the lines fairly straight, but I definitely wasn’t a perfectionist about this! Then I just rolled it into a cone and stapled it to hold. I added two small pieces of paper off the sides that I then bobby pinned into my hair.

The costume was so easy to make and a big hit this last weekend and I’m glad I did a little DIY costume this year! Have a very happy and safe Halloween!

DIY: Glitter Bomb Containers


I recently made these glitter containers from some old burnt out candles! I think that they are a great way to up-recycle and make super pretty last minute gifts! They were very easy to make and add a nice sparkle to any room! The big ones can be used for makeup brushes and the smaller ones can be used for bobby pins of office knick knacks like paper clips.


  1. Old candles. I used various sizes of Slatkin & Co. candles (the ones from Bath & Body Works)
  2. Mod Podge
  3. A craft paintbrush or sponge
  4. A craft knife
  5. Some newspaper or wax paper
  6. Nail polish remover and a cotton swab
  7. A microwave safe cup and some water

Step One: Freeze the Candle

Put your candles in the freezer overnight. This makes the wax less sticky and makes it easier to remove from the canister.

Step Two: Take Out the Wax


With waxed paper or newspaper down to protect your work station, remove the old wax from your candle. To do this use your craft knife to cut around the outside of the candle, then stick the knife into the middle of the candle and twist. The wax should break into smaller sections and be easy to remove.

Step Three: Remove the Wick

IMG_3890 IMG_3891IMG_3892With a microwave safe mug, heat up some water. Pour this into your candle containers and swish it around. If the wick is still sticking, use your craft knife to gently remove your wick from the bottom of the container.

Step Four: Remove Labels

IMG_3893 IMG_3896 IMG_3895

Give your container a good wash and peal off the front sign. Then, use your knife or nail to scrape off the bottom label.

Step Five: Complete Clean:

IMG_3897 IMG_3898Use some nail polish remover and a cotton pad to remove any wax residue. Then, give your candle a good scrub and let it dry.

Step Six: Glitter!

IMG_3899 IMG_3900Use your craft paintbrush to paint a thin layer of mod podge all over your container. Make sure that there are no big globs of mod podge. Next, pour glitter into the bottom of your glass and swirl it around. To get the sides, tilt the container onto its side and move it in a circular motion. Another way to do this is to tilt the container and pour more glitter in along the sides.

Helpful Hints:

Once you have completed glittering your candle, fold your wax paper or news paper and use it like a funnel to pour extra glitter back into the container.


If at first there are visible white globs from the mod podge, don’t worry! The mod podge will dry clear.

If you have a candle container that already has a pretty pattern on it, just follow steps one through five to remove the wax!


The finished product:


Comment bellow and share your own glitter crafts!



How-to: Crystal Wrap Bracelets

I made these bracelets while watching a movie with my family over spring break. They are super easy to make and look really cool! I used a strand of rhinestones for most of the bracelets and a strand of metal beads on another one.

What you’ll need:


1/4 in hex nut

44 inches of leather cord

12 inches of rhinestones or brass ball chain

58 inches of colored cord. Some places recommend waxed linen cord, but I couldn’t find that at Micheal’s. I used plain cotton cord for most of my bracelets and a sturdier cord for some others.

Step 1: fold your leather cord in half so that it’s doubled

Step 2: Grab your colored cord and wrap it down and back up the top of the leather cord a few times. This will make sure that the bracelet does not come undone.

Step 3: Line up the rhinestone cord with the end of the top wrap section. Make sure you make it as close to the end of the wrapped colored cord as possible. You also want to have the crystal kind of over the leather cord.

Step 4: While holding the crystal in place so that it falls on top of the folded leather cord, start to wrap the bracelet. Take the colored cord and wrap it between the groves of the crystal chain and around the leather cord. Make sure that you wrap it tightly so that the bracelet won’t come undone. Constantly pull on the colored cord to make sure it is taut before wrapping it. It also help to adjust the rhinestones as you go to make sure that they are staying even along the leather cord.

Step 5: Continue with wrapping the bracelet until you get to 1 inch above end of the cords or you measure it to be almost the length of your wrist.

Step 6: Cut any left over rhinestones.

Step 7: With your rhinestone cord cut, wrap the colored cord down and up the leather cord a few times like you did in step 2.

Step 8: Tread your hex nut into the colored and leather cord and tie at the end.

Step 9: To wear your bracelet, push the hex nut through the loop that you made with the leather cord at the top of your bracelet.

Step 10: Wear your bracelet proudly! Stack them together or wear them on their own to make a fun statement to any outfit!

Other helpful links: Honestly WTF DIY Wrap Bracelet and Katie’s Bliss



DIY: Ombre Tights

The Ombre trend is everywhere these days- from hair to shirts ombre is making a comeback. A fun way to embrace the trend, if you don’t want to make the more committed change to your locks or spend money on an expensive blouse, is to dye tights in a gradient, ombre style. I tried ombre tights this weekend. I used purple (one of my favorite colors to wear) and petal pink (for a springtime pastel look) dye.

To start, grab some white tights and some dye. I like using  the RIT band of dye.

Soak your tights in warm water to make them more absorbent. Then follow the instructions on the dye package. When dying the tights, only dunk the top part in for a little while, then gradually pull the tights out of the dye bath. Be sure you keep the ankles and feet in for the longest time to obtain optimal color and effect. It helps to use the timer on your phone.

Then hang your tights to dry. Just by hanging them some dye will fall into the bottom of the tights, increasing the ombre look.

To protect the tub, I put ziplock bags on the toes of the tights to catch any leaking dye. I also placed newspaper in the tub to absorb any escaped dye.

Once the tights have dried, rinse them in warm water until the water runs clear. This will ensure that no color comes off while you’re wearing the tights or in the wash.

Overall, I would say that this project took some time and was a little tedious, but pretty easy to complete. After seeing the finished product I wish I had dyed my tights just a little bit darker because the colors got a little washed out at the tights stretched.

What do you think? How will you embrace the ombre trend? Leave a comment bellow!