It Never Rains in California…

It seems that all the skies have done this winter is open up. However, given California’s recent threat of severe drought, it seems hard to complain about the extra water. In these damp times, I have been trying to ignore the ridiculous amount of frizzing my hair does in the rain and instead have been focusing on the benefits the rain has brought to the Earth. An unexpected benefit of this rain has been some added creativity in my style. I have never been a huge fan of wearing pants anywhere besides my home or the gym, but the rainy weather has made them a wardrobe necessity! I recently discovered the jegging line from Gap and have loved wearing them! These pants not only keep me warm and covered from the winter weather, but they are also INCREDIBLY comfortable! I seriously never thought I would say that about a pair of jeans because I am such a pant hater, but the comfortable, moveable fabric on these have really changed my opinion.

For a recent rainy trip into the Legion of Honor I paired my Gap denim with my tried-and-true pair of L.L. Bean boots. For some warmth I wore a Madewell flannel. I am a really big fan of this peasant style blouse because it has the comfort and classic pattern of a typical flannel, but has a cinching detail and a loose slowing structure which offers a more feminine look. Wearing a flowy top with a tight leg jean is a perfect combination and one I will be holding to until the sun comes out again.

Shirt: Madewell Jeans: Gap Shoes: L.L.Bean Earrings: Juicy Couture (Similar) Bag: Coach (Similar) Belt: Ralph Lauren (Similar)

Updated Flamenco

screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-28-48-amscreen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-28-34-amscreen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-27-31-am screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-27-54-am screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-28-03-am screen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-28-19-amscreen-shot-2017-01-31-at-1-27-43-am

This past fall I attended the Sound Summit on Mount Tamalpais where I saw Wilco, one of my favorite bands, perform. I hiked from my home to the event and was looking very grimy during the concert in my dust covered hiking boots and large sun hat. However, I noticed a woman there wearing a green printed maxi dress looking very chic meets bohemian. I loved the piece instantly and kept admiring the style of it from afar the whole day. A week later I was browsing around my local Anthropologie and found a great surprise—the dress I had admired at the Sound Summit was hanging front and center available for purchase! The dress was truly meant to be and I have loved wearing it this season. Sometimes things have a fabulous way of working out!

Dress: Anthropologie (Similar) Jacket: American Eagle Outfitters (Similar) Shoes: Tory Burch

What I Wore Christmas Eve


Hello readers! I know it has been some time since Christmas but I was such a fan of my holiday dress that I just had to share it. Every Christmas Eve my family hosts a large dinner party for our local family and friends. I love spending the weeks leading up to Christmas doing prep work and planning the party with my mom. For me December is always a time to be with those dearest to me and try my hand at event planning.

This year I chose a dress with a modern take on the classic holiday look. I love the tartan skirt in this piece, reminiscent of old Christmas motifs. This dress from Brooks Brothers adds modernity by creating a lace crop top sewn into the garment. I paired it with some closet staples— black heels and pear earrings. For some colorful flair I added a red velvet bow bracelet (a lovely gift from my brother) and my Christmas charm bracelet.

Stay tuned for more new content this year!



Dress: Brooks Brothers (now on sale!) Tights: Commando Shoes: Coach Earrings: Tiffany & Co. Bow bracelet: Kiel James Patrick Christmas charm bracelet: Gump’s

Weekly Moments

IMG_5214Enjoying some Valentine’s Day chocolates from my mother

This whole week it has seemed that campus had been abuzz with the hype of Valentine’s Day. Clubs are selling goodies, people are planning trips and singles are lamenting. It has been a busy week for me, filled with term paper proposals, midterms, gatherings with friends and helping with the Student Fashion Association’s Valentine’s Day fundraiser. On Valentine’s Day, I like to focus on all of the love I have from the family and friends in my life. Growing up my mom always made Valentine’s Day special. We would have homemade waffles with strawberries for breakfast and exchange gifts over dinner. Now that I’m on my own, I’m starting some new traditions. Hallmarks of this week have been making handmade valentines for my friends, a festive gathering for my student government group and my cousin coming to California for a weekend visit. Here are some highlights from my week.

IMG_5168Making valentines for my loved ones

IMG_5198One of my favorite J.Crew Factory sweaters to wear this time of year (check out my blog post with it from last year).


For this week I replaced my ever-present open silver bangle with this heart shaped one from Francesca’s

Miss Independent: What I Wore on The Fourth of July

IMG_3206Shout-out to my girl Kelly Clarkson for this blog post title. Here’s a brief, and very very delayed, look at what I wore during my Fourth of July festivities. I love to keep things festive and dress in my very best red white and blue. I adore the United States shaped necklace I wore. At school I’m an American studies major and I wear this necklace when I have tests or papers due for good luck.

IMG_3212 IMG_3218 IMG_3241IMG_3231 IMG_3234IMG_3238

Dress: Gap Shoes: Brooks Brothers Sweater: Juicy Couture Necklace: LF Bow: Bought from a local crafter

Check out what I wore for The Fourth of July last year!


IMG_5094With the days warming up and summer just around the corner, I find myself abandoning my spring florals and frequently opting for my summer staple—stripes! I love the unusual style of this  black and white striped dress. Placing stripes of differing sizes on the top and bottom of the dress creates a nice take on the traditional striped sundress. Since it’s black and white, I find the dress incredibly easy to change up! I’ve styled it a different way each time I’ve worn it—I’ve dressed it up with pearls and flats, I’ve worn it to school with a cardigan and a statement necklace, I’ve paired it with a clutch and heels for a date—there are endless possibilities! I love to add a bit of summer flair to the dress by throwing on my jean jacket. I think the cropped jacket works perfectly with the structured dress and it adds just a hint of menswear to the look. To keep things fun, I added a simple mint bangle and metallic gold flats.

IMG_5079 IMG_5084 IMG_5089 IMG_5097 IMG_5117 IMG_5122IMG_5099 IMG_5100 IMG_5101 IMG_5102IMG_5081 IMG_5125IMG_5119Dress: Madewell Jacket: American Eagle Outfitters Shoes: J.Crew Bracelet: Vineyard Vines (a very special gift from this post’s photographer)