It might be a little bit sappy, but Sarah Bareilles’ anthem “Brave” is incredibly catchy. I listened to it while getting ready to go out Friday night and it has been stuck in my head ever since! I decided to take some hints from the song and include it in today’s inspiration.


November 18Sometimes we can get so set in getting an end result, that we can lose sight of what is really important. I’ve learned a lot of lessons this fall about letting go of things that aren’t meant to be. I saw this quote on Tumblr and just thought it was a really good take on “everything happens for a reason” and I was inspired to share it on the blog.

What sayings have been inspiring you lately?


October 7Anyone that was in my AP Composition class junior year of high school knows how dear F. Scott is to my heart. Forget the recent film with all of its hyped effects and Leo’s gorgeous face and remember the legacy Fitzgerald left behind — the printed word, the book. The Great Gatsby is and will always remain one of my favorite works of literature. My relationship with it also oddly marks the beginning and end of something in my personal life. This quote embodies a lot of what I have been feeling the past couple of months. Ideas of starting anew and being reborn are being held in high esteem in my current state of mind.


August12A little bit of a different inspiration this Monday. In honor of my mother’s birthday today, I chose a quote expressing the necessity of moms. Happy birthday Mom! You are so beautiful and inspire me everyday to be the best person I can be, I love you!